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PCTeX 6 Professional with Lucida Fonts

PCTeX 6 Professional with Lucida Fonts
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Product Description

The Lucida fonts were designed by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes and were first introduced in 1984. Since then, the Lucida family has been augmented by the addition of several styles, including script, monospaced, and mathematical fonts. Popular Lucida fonts are bundled with MS Windows and Macintosh OS X, and many other systems. The Lucida font collection offered by PCTeX was fine-tuned for use with TeX.

In the fall of 2005 Personal TeX acquired a license to distribute Lucida fonts. In addition, we teamed up with Walter Schmidt to develop the updated lucimatx macros and documentation to replace the older lucidabr package. The new lucimatx macros are fully compatible with amsmath in LaTeX, and have many new options and features which make using Lucida fonts easier and more versatile.

PCTeX 6 New Features

Page Style Wizard - Professional Only

The Page style Wizard allows easy configuration of font size, paper size, equation numbering, and any other available options. The wizard can currently configure the standard LaTeX styles, and also AMS, KOMA-script, memoir and beamer (slide presentations).

Package Options Wizard - Professional Only

The Package Options Wizard displays a list of all available LaTeX packages. These may be sorted by Name, Title, or Category. Once a package has been selected, the Package Options Wizard will allow configuration of all available options.

Graphics Wizard - Professional Only

The Graphics Wizard allows easy sizing and placement of graphics images into your documents. Choose Insert Graphic and the wizard will allow you to configure your graphics and the wizard will add the necessary graphics commands and parameters to the preamble. The Graphics Wizard will also automatically convert graphics files to the formats needed for regular TeX output or for PDF output.

Language Wizard

The Language Wizard will select languages to be used in your documents, and the appropriate hyphenation patterns will be installed in the LaTeX format. The spell check word list for that language will be used in the editor as well.

LaTeX Command Completion

When you begin typing, PCTeX will complete recognized LaTeX commands automatically. If there is more than one command that starts with the same characters, you will be presented with a dropdown list of commands.

Other New Features:

PDF and DVI typesetting and viewing

Choose to typeset and view your document as a DVI or a PDF. The typeset mode is saved with each project. This is useful, for example, if one project works better in PDF mode and another in DVI mode.

Spell check as you type

PCTeX uses a well-known spell checker (ISpell) to check spelling as you edit. Once you have typed a word, it will spell-check it and highlight the word if misspelled. There are word lists available in several languages.

Just-in-Time Package Loader

As you typeset a LaTeX file, and a package or file is discovered missing, the Just-in-time (JIT) installer will automatically fetch the package, install it and typeset again.

View Documentation

The Package Manager, the Insert Package dialog, and the Documentclass dialog all have a View Documentation button to allow viewing of package documentation.

Insert Menu

This new menu item provides some automatic editor insertions for graphics, lists, languages, and package

Vertical scrolling in DVI viewer

The dvi viewer will display pages that can be scrolled vertically, similar to Acrobat Reader.

*PCTeX 6 will run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7*

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