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MathTime Professional 2 "Complete" Font Set

MathTimePro 2 Complete font set
MathTimePro 2 Complete font set
Item# 250MTP2
Regular price: $199.00
Sale price: $149.00

Product Description

A complete math typesetting environment

Contains Times-compatible math fonts for LaTeX and TeX math typesetting, including AMS symbols, script, fraktur, blackboard, and more.

To evaluate MTPro2 fonts, order the Lite version. If you like it, upgrade to the Complete version.

Current MathTimePro users may upgrade to this set.

MathTime Professional 2 (MTPro2) fonts may be used in place of Computer Modern fonts (the standard TeX fonts) in any LaTeX or TeX document. Just add a line or two to your source document, and your math fonts will be replaced by MathTime Professional fonts. MTPro2 fonts were designed by Michael Spivak of Publish or Perish Inc.

This product is delivered via download. You will receive download instructions via email once your order is completed.

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